PLEASE NOTE- I am no longer accepting puppy applications until mid 2021. I have a long waiting list already.

July 30 Five weeks photos are now posted.

July 22-New photos of the puppies at 4 weeks. Photos

July 15-Updated new photos of the puppies that are 3 weeks old today. Teeth are just starting to come in.

July 8-Babies are 2 weeks old today-their eyes have all opened this week slowly. All are over 1 1/2lbs. I am just trying to get some new photos to post. Puppies

July 2-Got new baby photos posted at 8 days of age. Check on new puppy page-link below

June 28-London with her 3 babies They are just a few hours old in the photo and by day 2 they are all gaining well. Babies were born on my birthday June 24. Two boys and 1 blenheim girl. New puppy page. ALL SOLD. Prospective owners will be contacted shortly.

 June 22- We are on puppy watch. Londons Xray showed 4 puppies. All is ready- just waiting for their appearance-hoping all will arrive safe and sound. Lots of names on my list and not enough to go around.

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